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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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August 24, 7975.

SUPERSTITION is among other things a very great
want of sympathy.   It does not understand that
there are other ways than its own of looking at things.
You might say that most race hatred is superstition.
One race instinctively dislikes another race—en masse,
en bloc—always a foolish thing to do, because there
is good and bad in every race. You cannot be
expected to uke the bad as well as the good in any
race, but all generalisations are faulty, and there is a
lot of superstition and ignorance in this race hatred.

I remember in remote villages in England, places
really out of the world, the attitude of the peasantry
there towards a foreigner T)f any kind was always
one of suspicion and ridicule. The fact that the man
spoke a different language was something to laugh at.
Of course that is absolutely illogical and absurd and
shows the deepest ignorance ; but that is the way in
which it seemed to strike the English peasantry.
There ,are other peasantries who in that particular
respect are a little better. I have certainly known of
cases of English people travelling in parts of France
where no English is spoken, where they were always